Upcoming changes in your healthcare situation?

  • If you or your spouse will become Medicare eligible due to age in the coming months it will affect your coverage options. ACTION ON YOUR PART IS REQUIRED. The person who is becoming Medicare eligible will automatically be sent a kit explaining the new coverage options and costs approximately four months prior to his or her Medicare effective date.

  • In addition, if either you or your spouse becomes Medicare eligible and the remaining pre-age 65 family member(s) wants to continue with BCBSM medical coverage that is currently administered under the HCTC advance monthly pay program (AMP), ACTION ON YOUR PART IS REQUIRED Please see this article for more information.

  • For those families that are not enrolled in the HCTC AMP program, if you are becoming Medicare eligible and have a pre-age 65 dependent with medical coverage, your dependent will be issued their own contract. If dental and or vision are also currently in effect, coverage for these plans will also automatically be reissued under the dependents name. No action (paperwork) is required for your dependent.

  • The kit you will receive varies depending on your state of residence - DSRA-BT offers a Senior Medical Plan to residents of KS, MD, MT, NY, and OR, and three Retiree Medical Plans to residents of all other states (excluding MN, VT, and WA). 

If you or your spouse decides to enroll in the DSRA BT post 65 Hartford plan please submit your completed benefit enrollment forms to Mercer NO LATER THAN 40 days prior to your Medicare effective date.  This will ensure you have ID cards for your new coverage in hand prior to your new coverage effective date.
Click on the appropriate link below for your situation.

-Age Up Calendar
-55 to 65
-65 and up


If you have questions regarding this process, please contact a member of the DSRA-BT Board of Directors. For a list of Board members, please go to our website – www.dsrabenefittrust.net – and click on “Contact Us ==> Contact DSRA BT Board” on the top banner.  If you have questions about the post 65 medical benefit plans, please contact Mercer, our plan administrator, at 1-877-336-DSRA (3772).

DSRA Benefit Trust Board of Directors

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