As members of the DSRA-BT Board of Directors, we are actively working to gain an understanding of changes in federal law that will impact our membership and the plans that are offered through the DSRA-BT, and to communicate those changes to members as soon as possible.   With that in mind, we have been working to gain clarity on two major changes in federal law:  the HCTC sunset provision, and the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”), commonly known by terms such as “health care reform” and “Obamacare.”  The purpose of this notice is to provide some initial general information about these issues in the FAQ format.  Much remains unknown at this point.  However, as relevant guidance is released and/or new questions are raised by members, we will continue adding FAQs to this communication.  The latest version of FAQ will always be found at the DSRA BT website

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DSRA Benefit Trust Board of Directors

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