The DSRA BT offers Health, Dental, and Vision insurance for Salaried and Hourly retirees of Delphi.

You will find in this section information on and links to plan coverages available, premium rates, co-pays and annual deductibles, each of which impact your total out of pocket medical services cost. You will also be able to navigate to guidebooks, enrollment forms, and carrier specific information

Eligibility qualification is administered for the Trust through Benistar, our new Plan Administrator.

  • Health Care- For post-65 retirees, spouses and surviving spouses, Hartford Insurance and Benistar/ESI provide the Trust with a Group Health Care Plan that includes Rx and operates like a Medicare Supplement plan.  Three distinct plans are offered:
    • --Elite ---- comparable to a Medicare rated plan “F”
    • --Premium – comparable to a Medicare rated plan “D”
    • --Choice – comparable to a Medicare rated plan “G”
  • Again for 2020, if you purchase a plan from the Hartford, you are no longer required to purchase the Rx plan from the Trust.  You can now purchase a Rx plan from the carrier of your choice to meet the Medicare requirement. To enroll in any of the Hartford plans, you are required to complete 2 enrollment forms; 1) the Hartford form and 2) the DSRABT enrollment form. Scroll down this page to find links to both these forms.   The Benefit Choice Guidebook can be found by clicking here.
  • For 2020, for our post-65 members, the Trust no longer has its partnership with Select Quote Senior (SQS). You may still work directly with Select Quote Senior by contacting a licensed Insurance Agent at 1-855-804-6766. This service acts as your personal broker, at no charge to you, and searches the Health Plans available in your area (Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement and Prescription Plans) that best fit your personal health needs and your pocketbook. Through its Medicare exchange, SQS provides unbiased price comparisons from insurance carriers to offer you competitive rates on health insurance plans.
  • Dental- BCBS of Michigan provides the Trust with dental insurance for both pre and post 65 retirees, their dependents and surviving spouses.  For Post-65, dental insurance may be purchased separately.  As of May 1st 2020, there are two dental plans available to you and your dependent(s).  There is a "High" or a "Low" coverage plan option from which you can choose.  For those enrolled in the Hardford insurance plan, Benistar has agreed to waive 2020 monthly administration fees associated with the Dental and Vision plans.  This is an additional savings versus 2019 premiums.  Click here for plan coverage details and premiums.
  • Vision- For both pre and post-65 retirees, their dependents and surviving spouses, again for 2020, BCBS of Michigan provides the Trust with vision coverage for exams, frames and lenses.  Vision insurance may be purchased separately. Click here for plan coverage details and premiums.
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