The Senate Finance Committee is tasked with the Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC).  They have established a Health Task Force and it is charged with making recommendations regarding health-related tax provisions (in this case, HCTC) expiring by year end. We have just learned that the task force is no longer accepting email from the public.

Disregard our recent direction to email directly to the task force. The best course of action to follow now is write your 2 Senators and your Representative in the House. Tell them how important the HCTC is to you and your family and that you are requesting each of them to contact on your behalf the four Senators on the task force.  Don’t delay, send your comments very soon to your three DC representatives asking them to take action to reauthorize the HCTC immediately!  Remind them that the HCTC Program has provided financial assistance to Delphi retirees impacted when their pensions were significantly reduced and their healthcare in retirement eliminated due to the GM bankruptcy.  Please urge them to take action to ensure the HCTC becomes permanent tax law. The task force is in the position to make this recommendation. Their help in extending the HCTC is greatly needed by thousands of Delphi retirees who will struggle to obtain affordable health care if the HCTC is not extended beyond 2019. 

In your communication with your State Representative(s) for the district in which you reside, request their support in co-sponsoring Congressman Mike Turner’s (R-OH) bill, H.R. 1939 for HCTC Reauthorization.

We appreciate your help!  If you have any questions, contact one of the following DSRA-BT Board Members.

Lori Ostrander                           Sharon Delezenne                            Paul Beiter

Secretary                                  Member at Large                              Co-Chair

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