**HCTC AMP Enrollees Pre-Filled Payment Coupon Issue**

We have been informed by a handful of HCTC AMP enrollees that the packet of IRS form #13973 payment vouchers recently received from Benistar has information pertaining to someone other than the intended recipient.  Please review your payment voucher carefully before mailing them with your payment to the IRS/HCTC.  If you have received incorrect pre-filled payment vouchers from Benistar, please destroy them.  If you have received the wrong payment voucher in error, beginning with the April payment, print a blank #13973 payment voucher from the IRS website https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f13973.pdf and complete as you have done in the past.

The DSRA Benefit Trust Board sincerely apologizes for this error and any inconvenience it may cause.  Benistar has informed the Board that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has forced many operational changes in their main office located in Connecticut.  The payment voucher print and mail functions were affected and had to be handed off to a different office.  Apparently, the normal verification process to ensure an accurate mailing was not followed.

The Board has decided not to ask Benistar to make another attempt at issuing a 2020 packet of IRS #13973 payment vouchers.  We are directing each enrollee to print the required payment voucher for all remaining 2020 payments to the IRS/HCTC.  If you need assistance printing your vouchers, please contact Paul Beiter at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Again, please accept our apologies for this error.

** Benistar DSRA Benefit Trust Call Center Affected by COVID-19**

The Benistar Retiree Service Center located in Avon, Connecticut has been affected by a statewide mandatory shutdown of non-essential businesses.  Benistar employees, including Call Center operators, have been provided laptop computers for remote access to the Benistar database of customer information.  The Call Center has established a call forwarding protocol which will allow the Call Center to remain in operation.  You may experience longer hold times when calling.  Thank you for your understanding during this unusual time.

Benefit Trust Board of Directors
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