**NEW DENTAL OPTION** Effective May 1, 2020 DSRA-BT and BCBS of Michigan will offer 2 Dental Plan Options to choose from for Pre-65 Stand-alone, Post-65 Stand-alone and Post-65 Hartford participants.

*Participants in BCBSM Bundled plans (Pre-65 HCTC AMP, 100% HCTC payees and Pre-65 Non-HCTC with dental +/- vision) are already in the “High” Plan option and are not affected by this change. 

DSRA Benefit Trust members in the groups listed above with Dental +/- Vision insurance plans were set to receive a significant increase to the monthly premium to the plans offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield for the 2020 plan year.  In an effort to reduce the cost for our DSRA Benefit Trust members, the Board worked with the Cone Retiree Healthcare Group (CRHG) and was able to move these groups to a less expensive plan option for 2020.  The current plan offers the same total maximum coverage of $3,000 per plan year utilizing the same BCBSM BlueDental network as in 2019.  While the total coverage amounts and dentist network remained the same, there were four changes to the benefits offered in this plan from the previous plan year that we did not adequately share with you. The four changes are listed below:

  • Crowns, Onlays, Inlays and Veneer Restoration for permanent teeth under the current 2020 plan are covered at 50% of approved amount after deductible once every 60 months per tooth vs. the 2019 coverage of 80% of approved amount after deductible once every 60 months per tooth.
  • Occlusal Biteguards, under the 2020 current plan are covered at 50% of the approved amount after deductible, once every 12 months vs. the 2019 coverage of 80% of the approved amount after deductible, once every 12 months.
  • Fluoride Treatments, under the current 2020 plan dependents are covered under the age of 19 vs. the 2019 plan covering Fluoride treatments for any age member.
  • Orthodontic Services for dependents under age 19 are not covered in the 2020 plan vs. a coverage of 50% of the approved amount for the 2019 plan.

DSRA Benefit Trust plan participants in the groups outlined above were transitioned to this plan effective January 1, 2020 creating a considerable monthly savings of 10-15%. This savings was primarily due to the efforts of the CRHG and is one of the many benefits we had anticipated were possible by working with the CRHG and Benistar.  If the four changes in coverage described above are not coverages you require, the Board recommends that you remain in the current plan for all of 2020.   If the four coverages would provide a monetary value to you, we are offering a solution, but you will have to act quickly.   In order to provide the best insurance options available to our members, the DSRA-BT Board has elected to also offer the same exact coverage level as you had in 2019 beginning May 1, 2020.  Therefore, we have secured what we label as a 2020 “High” Plan Dental option utilizing the same dentist network with BlueDental and the exact same coverage levels as members received in 2019.  The new “High” Plan option will cost more than the current plan (see premium rate chart below) but will still be 6+% less for Pre-65 Stand-alone enrollees and Post-65 enrollees than the original BCBSM price for 2020. If you wish to make a change back to the High Plan option, BCBSM is offering a one-month window, mid-year change, for dental plan only, with an effective date of MAY 1, 2020.  The premiums are listed at the end of this email.  “High” Plan and “Low” Plan coverage and pricing information has been updated on the www.DSRABenefitTrust.net website.  If you wish to remain in the current plan for 2020, which will now be referred to as the “Low” Plan option, you do not have to do anything.  To elect changing your coverage level to the High Plan for the remainder of 2020, please complete the DSRA Benefit Trust Benefit Enrollment and Change of Status form found at www.DSRABenefitTrust.net and submit this form to Benistar by March 23, 2020.  In addition, any dental benefits received through the BCBSM dental plan in 2020 will be paid according to the plan the member is enrolled in at the time service was provided.  Any dental services received thus far in 2020 will continue to carry forward throughout the year if changing to the “High” Plan option.

This new plan option DOES NOT impact Bundled plan participants in Pre-65 HCTC or Pre-65 Non-HCTC or Pre-65 Medicare Disabled plans.  These members remain in the High Plan option just as they were in 2019. 

For those desiring to make a change in their dental plan effective May 1, 2020, please mail, fax or email your signed and completed form to:

Mail:  Benistar Retiree Services                                                    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
          10 Tower Lane, Suite 100
          Avon, CT 06001

Fax:   1-860-408-7025

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**BCBSM BlueDental Systemwide Issues Affecting Some DSRA Benefit Trust Participants**

BCBSM BlueDental is experiencing problems with some participants when providing a Predetermination of Dental Benefits to dental providers prior to members receiving dental services.  Members affected by this issue may receive conflicting amounts for the Predetermination of Benefits.  In the event you are having dental services, the “Low” Plan coverage changes that all Pre-65 Stand-alone, Post-65 Stand-alone and Post-65 with Hartford Plan participants are currently enrolled are listed above.  The change in benefit level beginning January 1, 2020 has caused some participants to receive dual Predetermination of Dental Benefits which are inaccurate.  The dual approvals reflect 2019 coverage amounts and 2020 coverage amounts for the same service.  BCBSM has been made aware and is working to resolve the issue.  If you experience this problem, please call the Benistar DSRA Benefit Trust Call Center at 1-888-588-6682.

Just an FYI…for those enrolled in the Post-65 Hartford medical insurance plan, Benistar agreed to waive 2020 monthly administration fees associated with the dental plans for all of 2020.  This is an additional cost savings that began January 1, 2020 for many of our DSRA Benefit Trust participants.

For more information on these updates, please call the DSRA Benefit Trust Call Center at 1-888-588-6682 or contact Cone Retiree Healthcare Group 713.446.3501, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

DSRA-Benefit Trust Board of Director

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