The election committee for the DSRA Benefit Trust is pleased to announce that we have three candidates that have submitted their name for a position on the Board of Directors of DSRA Benefit Trust. These people are Sharon Delezenne who is a current board member. Also, Steve Duca and Greg White.

The DSRA-BT Election Procedure, section 4.8, states the following:

4.8 If, at the end of the nomination process for DSRA BT Board candidates, the number of candidates approved to be eligible to run for the DSRA Board does not exceed the number of open positions available for election, then the DSRA BT Board may declare that an actual election is not required. In this case, all approved candidates will be considered elected Board Members. The current Board will announce the names of the new Board members to the DSRA BT membership immediately.

In accordance with this procedure, the Board is declaring that an election is not required since we have three nominees and three open positions. Therefore, we are announcing that Sharon, Steve and Greg are considered elected Board Members. Sharon will continue in her role as DSRA-BT Board Secretary which is a three-year term. Greg White, Member-at-Large replaces Ken Garber with a remaining two-year term and Steve Duca, Member-at-Large replaces Tom Olney which is a three-year term.

We appreciate Sharon volunteering for one more term and Steve and Greg volunteering for one term.

The Election Committee

Lori Ostrander
Bob von Schwedler
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