As previously communicated, the DSRA-BT BoD Election Committee will now accept nominations from those individuals interested in being considered as a candidate in the upcoming BoD election. We will accept nominations until March 13, 2020.
To be considered for one of these important positions, you must submit the required documentation that can be found in the “2020 Election Documentation” folder on the website by March 13, 2020. Submit your documents as attachments to an email at this address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Immediately thereafter, the candidates will be announced, the resumes will be posted, and the candidates may use public media to promote their candidacy. If we should have fewer candidates than openings, per our Election Procedure, voting will not be held and all approved, eligible candidates will be appointed to the board without a formal election. Note that only one person per household can serve simultaneously.

Contents of the “2020 Candidate Election Materials” folder:

1) Candidate Instructions
2) Candidate Qualifications Requirements
3) Conflict of Interest Policy with Supplier List
4) Candidate Registration Form – must be submitted per instruction
5) Candidate Resume Form – must be submitted per instruction

Candidates that wish to communicate their operating philosophy, goals, objectives, etc. to the eligible voters may do so by adding that information to their resume.

There will be future communications provided concerning the detailed election timing, voter eligibility and instruction.

Thank you for your consideration,
DSRA BT Election Committee

Lori Ostrander
Robert von Schwedler
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