We understand there could be some concern around how to handle the monthly premium payments during the partial government shutdown if you are in the HCTC/AMP program or are newly enrolling.

  • If you were in the HCTC/AMP program through December 2018 and mailed your payment for January to the IRS, BCBSM will provide a grace period during the government shutdown and coverage will be maintained. To receive the grace period, the contract must have been paid current (through December 31, 2018) prior to the shutdown. You do NOT need to send payment directly to BCBSM during the shutdown. Continue to send your monthly premium payment to the IRS.
  • If you are enrolled in the HCTC/AMP program and were not paid current through December 31, 2018 prior to the shutdown, you MUST pay 100% of the premium directly to BCBSM in order to maintain coverage through the shutdown. You can later request reimbursement from the IRS for the 72.5% of the paid premiums. 
  • If you submitted a 13441-A form to the IRS and applied for the HCTC/AMP program but have not yet received an acceptance letter, you MUST pay 100% of the premium directly to BCBSM or you will lose coverage. You will not be provided a grace period if you have not been accepted by the IRS into the HCTC/AMP program.
  • If you are newly enrolled into the 2019 HCTC program, you should still send payments to the IRS. If you have received the IRS HCTC/AMP acceptance letter and have not yet forwarded it to BCBSM along with a new enrollment form, please do so immediately so they can apply the grace period for coverage to be maintained.  This instruction not only applies to new enrollees, but also to current enrollees who are adding or removing family members from their medical coverage during the partial government shutdown.
  • If you are a family member who was in HCTC but is going on your own contract, you MUST send a new 13441-A form to the IRS. Once you receive an acceptance letter, forward it and a new enrollment form to BCBSM. You MUST pay 100% of the premium directly to BCBSM for coverage during the shutdown.
  • If your payment to the IRS is returned, BCBSM will still advance your paid through date. If the shutdown continues into February, continue to mail your check to the IRS as normal. BCBSM will continue the grace period until the government shutdown is over. Please note that if you are newly enrolled in the 2019 HCTC/AMP program, you will only be given the grace period if you have sent your acceptance letter and the 2019 BCBSM enrollment form to BCBSM.


If you are unsure of your HCTC status with BCBSM, please call the Customer Service Line at 1-877-354-2583. A Customer Service Representative will be able to let you know if you are currently enrolled in an HCTC plan. Please note, BCBSM cannot determine HCTC/AMP eligibility. BCBSM can only verify if you are enrolled in an HCTC Plan.

On behalf of the DSRA Benefit Trust Committee, we thank you for your participation in the DSRA Benefit Trust benefit plans and your ongoing support. We appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve you!


DSRA-Benefit Trust Board of Directors
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