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GM/Delphi retired

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Senior Administrator and Business Process Analyst


Most Recent Job Assignments

Brief Volunteer History:

DSRA POC for State of FL since inception, DSRA core group member, DSRA Election Committee, DSRA Committee responsible for writing bylaws, Founding member of 1114 Health Care Committee, Board of Directors Ocean Pointe, Board of Directors Mote Ranch, Advisory Committee to Manatee County, FL District 5, Chairman of Budget Committee


Volunteer Organizations and Positions Held

Specific Skills:

Finance/budget, Negotiation of contracts


Reference Qualification List for beneficial skills for some Board Positions

Other Qualifications:

Conflict resolution and motivation, Communication skills


Reference Qualification List of Required and Desirable Qualifications


MY VIEW:  All VEBA participants and beneficiaries should feel confident that they are receiving the best insurance at the best price.  I strongly believe that the VEBA Committee can make improvements on your behalf and am willing to work hard to make this happen when elected.  I have been an active participant in the DSRA since the beginning, and was on the 1114 Health Care Subcommittee that created the VEBA, so I understand what the goals and challenges are.  My wife and I both participate in the insurance offered by the VEBA, therefore, I represent both the over and under 65 age groups.  In combination with my professional and non-profit experience with budgets, vendor negotiations, cost reduction, quality assurance, problem solving, and so forth, I believe I am abundantly qualified and am deeply committed to serving all of my fellow retirees and their families as an elected member of YOUR VEBA Board.   




DSRA Point of Contact (POC) for the State of Florida since the inception of the DSRA


Weekly participant in the DSRA CORE GROUP meetings, therefore I am aware of the successes, failures, and improvements needed of the VEBA Board


Election Committee for DSRA. We were responsible for developing voting procedures for the first DSRA board elections. This included developing a simple, user-friendly ballot procedure for member voting.  Successfully accomplished ahead of deadline.

Member of the DSRA committee responsible for writing the DSRA bylaws, which were approved.


Member of the 1114 Health Care Subcommittee that created the VEBA, researched insurance options, answered questions for all members on health insurance


2009 – 2010   President of Building 5’s Board of Directors for Ocean Pointe

2008 – 2009   Secretary/Treasurer of Ocean Pointe Commons Board of Directors

2008 - 2010   Chairman of Common’s Budget Committee for Ocean Pointe

2007 – Present   Manatee County, FL District 5, Advisory Committee

2004 – Present   President of Mote Ranch’s Home Owner’s Association, which consists of 777 homes 

2003 – 2004   Mote Ranch Board of Directors   


Through aggressive budgeting, I have lowered HOA quarterly fees by 5% per year for the last 3 years, while maintaining maximum services and reserves.  I aggressively and successfully challenge and recover past due delinquencies involved in, but not limited to, foreclosures by working closely with HOA attorneys.




Senior Administrator and Business Process Analyst

GM/Delphi (Retired in 2001)


Personally responsible for budgets, cost reduction/containment, conflict resolution and motivation.


EDUCATION:  Bachelor of Business Degree from Parsons College (1969) majoring in economics and marketing.  Graduate studies in business at University of Dayton.


I would greatly appreciate your vote to the VEBA Board of Directors. 


Please feel free to call or E-mail me with any questions or to discuss the VEBA.






Ken Garber

Candidate for your VEBA Board of Directors

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