This is the Official website of the Delphi Salaried Retiree Association (DSRA) VEBA (Voluntary Employees Beneficiary Association) managed by the DSRA Benefit Trust. The VEBA is for Delphi Salaried and hourly retirees that provides medical and life insurance programs for eligible members.

PRE-65 Insurance Plans

Under 65 and looking for health insurance information?

POST-65 Insurance Plans

Post-65 and looking for health insurance information?

The DSRA Benefit trust offers term life insurance for salaried retirees of Delphi and your spouse/domestic partner. The plans premiums are 100% retiree-paid. Mercer is the voluntary life plan administrator servicing the life insurance policies offered through Guardian Life Insurance of America. Mercer is responsible for the application process, policy changes, billing, premium collection and the initiation of a claim and can be contacted at 1-877-336-DSRA (3772).

New applicants may apply at any month during the year.  All new applicants must submit both the Guardian Enrollment Form and the Evidence of Insurability Form.

Once enrolled, your policy will continue every year without any action required on your part. If the premium changes and you have authorized Mercer to draft the premium directly from your checking account, the amount will be adjusted by Mercer. No action is required on your part.  Rates do change every 5 years on insured’s birthdays ending in a zero or 5. Retiree coverage must be in effect to maintain spouse/domestic partner coverage. If the retiree pre-deceases the spouse, the spouse coverage ends concurrently with the retiree’s coverage.

There was a 7% increase in premium for 2019. This was a better choice than the 15% increase that Reliance Standard was requiring and as a result, we moved the Group Life contract to Guardian Life. There will not be a general price increase for 2020. There is a $4.50 monthly administrative fee per household to cover Mercer and DSRA-BT expenses.

This is a Group Life Plan, and as such, does not issue an individualized Certificate of Insurance. We strongly recommend that you print the one-page Guardian Summary of Insurance Plan Provisions document (link below) and maintain in your life insurance file. Please record the face value of your policy and the Mercer name and phone number) on the document. This will assist greatly with your estate handling.

DSRA BT has worked with Guardian to make WillPrep Services available at no or little cost to eligible members who have Voluntary Life plans. Take a look at this benefit by clicking on the link below.

PLEASE NOTE: These plans are totally separate in all aspects from the term life plans offered through MetLife that you may have maintained after leaving Delphi. Mercer cannot assist you with your term life policy offered through MetLife. You must contact MetLife. Please refer to the MetLife information found in the previous drop down menu.

In this section you will find information on the following:

  1. Summary of Insurance Plan Policy Provisions
  2. Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Monthly Premium Rate Table
  4. Application and Statement of Health Forms - Required
  5. Life Insurance Claim Process Instructions
  6. Voluntary Life Insurance WillPrep Services
  7. Certificate of Benefits
  8. Link to all files
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