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After many years of the same format and style, the DSRA Benefit Trust Board of Directors has decided to update the website to something fresh.  Check out the new website at this link:

It is expected that this old website will provide information until only about August 17, 2020.

Beginning with 2019, Post-65 Members are now eligible to re-enter the Harford plans each year. This new benefit applies to eligible Post-65 members who waived coverage in the past and members who were terminated due to lapse of enrollment. If you would like to re-enter any Harford plans, you must enroll by December 7, 2018 for 2019 coverage. Please refer to for more information on the Hartford benefit plans and enrollment forms.


If you have questions about the benefit plans or the enrollment process, please contact Mercer – our post-65 plan administrator – at 1-877-336-DSRA (3772).


On behalf of the DSRA Benefit Trust Committee, we thank you for your participation in the DSRA Benefit Trust benefit plans and your ongoing support. We appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve you!


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