This is the Official website of the Delphi Salaried Retiree Association (DSRA) VEBA (Voluntary Employees Beneficiary Association) managed by the DSRA Benefit Trust. The VEBA is for Delphi Salaried and hourly retirees that provides medical and life insurance programs for eligible members.

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The subject is:  EXTEND HCTC BEYOND 2019!…. A most critical issue facing many of us who have not reached Medicare eligibility. If you are on Medicare, we still need you to voice your opinion. If you benefitted from the HCTC over the past 10 years, we need you more than ever. Please spend a few minutes and send your request for an extension of the HCTC to your Congressional Representatives.

The need for the extension of the HCTC will be a definite uphill battle because our under age 65 retiree population has dropped significantly since our last successful efforts to extend the HCTC in 2015. But we are not alone. There are now other VEBA’s in existence that rely heavily on the HCTC and they will be communicating with their Representatives also.

We have made this as simple as possible for you to participate.   We will provide a letter to use for your Congressman/woman and a letter for your Senators.  Insert their names in the applicable letter, then fax or copy/paste into an email to the addressee.   By all means, personalize and embellish if you wish. We strongly recommend that you include a reference to the percentage of your Delphi pension that would be used to pay the full cost of the DSRA Benefit Trust gold plan. A link is provided below to the DSRA BT website 2019 BCBSM premiums page. The letters to your representatives can be accessed at the following links:

House of Representatives letter

Senator’s letter

DSRA Benefit Trust 2019 medical insurance premiums.


Here’s the site to reference if you need help identifying who represents you:



Go to the site and enter your address to obtain their contact information and gain access to each of their official websites.

Cathy Cone, who heads the Auto VEBA will be making the rounds in DC later this month so our help is immediately needed to support her visits and reinforce her position.  

Let us hear from you about feedback you receive.

Many thanks for your effort,

DSRA-BT Board of Directors

March 7, 2019


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